Let’s De-clutter America!

Will you help me get the word out to churches about doing a small group study on Too Much Stuff? Sometimes we all need a little help and having friends to walk the de-cluttering journey with us makes the road more fun. Your local church can be a safe place to start that journey with like-minded friends.

In the mean time, here’s some tips for getting started on your de-cluttering journey:

1. Evaluate your calendar. If you are too busy to clean, it means that you are too busy. Clear some space in your calendar and allocate it just for de-cluttering and organizing.

2. Understand that the mess didn’t appear overnight. It took more than a weekend for all that stuff to accumulate. It will take more than a couple days to sort through it, find homes for things you want to keep, and toss or donate items that you are ready to part with.

3. Pray. De-cluttering is not just about home management. It’s a spiritual journey. Invite God to be a part of it.

4. Celebrate the baby steps. Each small accomplishment is one step closer towards accomplishing your organizing goals.

Happy De-cluttering!

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