Let’s De-clutter America!

Will you help me get the word out to churches about doing a small group study on Too Much Stuff? Sometimes we all need a little help and having friends to walk the de-cluttering journey with us makes the road more fun. Your local church can be a safe place to start that journey with like-minded friends.

In the mean time, here’s some tips for getting started on your de-cluttering journey:

1. Evaluate your calendar. If you are too busy to clean, it means that you are too busy. Clear some space in your calendar and allocate it just for de-cluttering and organizing.

2. Understand that the mess didn’t appear overnight. It took more than a weekend for all that stuff to accumulate. It will take more than a couple days to sort through it, find homes for things you want to keep, and toss or donate items that you are ready to part with.

3. Pray. De-cluttering is not just about home management. It’s a spiritual journey. Invite God to be a part of it.

4. Celebrate the baby steps. Each small accomplishment is one step closer towards accomplishing your organizing goals.

Happy De-cluttering!

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Attention Clutter Warriors!

I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of the second edition of Too Much Stuff.

While the book features the same content as the first edition, there are significant differences. You will find:

  • 12 chapters (13 if you include the introduction), instead of 16 chapters (or 18 if you include the prolog and epilog). Chapters have been combined and reformatted to align with the church ministry schedule for small group study. It includes the original content and more.
  • A study guide is now included for individuals and small groups interested in digging deeper in the spiritual aspects of de-cluttering. Questions are based on the end-of-chapter Bible verses.
  • A new chapter exploring invisible clutter has beenĀ  added for those who struggle with calendar overload and draining relationships.
  • Expanded chapters with more strategies for managing and eliminating clutter.
  • Additional information on hoarding.




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