Kathryn Porter offers a variety of workshops. The following classes run from 45-60 minutes and may be combined for longer seminars. Customized workshops available. Here is a sampling of speaking topics:

Simply Organized

When cleaning your home is more than a simple task, it’s time to get clutterwise.  This hallmark workshop provides tons of de-cluttering tips, organizing strategies, and lots of laughs.

Clean Smarter Not Harder

If you hate to clean, then this is the workshop for you! Learn unconventional cleaning techniques and design ideas for a low-maintenance home.

Empty Nest Organizing

Designed for parents of adult children who have left the home (and sometimes come back).  Learn tips to make cleaning easier , solutions for dealing with  your kids’ possessions still parked in your home, and organizing strategies to leave a legacy rich in memories and low on clutter

Living a Life of More: Organizing for Families with Special Needs

You’ve got the diagnosis, but now what? When your child has OT and speech therapy, do the dishes get done? After handling a sensory meltdown, do you you still have energy to finish the laundry? This class provides practical strategies for taking care of your house and your children. 

The Simplified Home: Lessons in De-cluttering for Home Educators

Maintaining a presentable home can be a challenge for all of us, but can be even more of a struggle when throwing homeschool into the mix.  Come learn the secrets to simplifying your life so you can keep a clean house (and your sanity) while educating your child at home. Discover de-cluttering strategies every homeschooling parent needs to know along with tips to get your children to help with the house work.

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